2019 NTD Global Traditional Martial Arts Competition

In August 24 – 25, 2019, There are three members (Ian Ly, Stephanie Ly, and Ethan Wong) of our school participated in the 2019 NTD Global Traditional Martial Arts Competition.  In Saturday morning of August 24th, the preliminary round for all contestants from North America started.  It went on until the afternoon, then they announced the list of Semi-Finalist to be eligible to continue to compete for the next day.  Our three members made it through.  In Sunday August 25th, all Semi-Finalist contestants from North America, Asia, and Europe competed together until early in the afternoon that day.  The event then had a small break, and shortly after, they announced the Finalist contestants list to move on, and continue competed at 2:00pm in the afternoon.  At the same time, they broadcast live world wide on NTDTV channel for these finalist contestants during their competition.  Ian Ly from our school made his way through the finalist list with his Yin-Chi-Pai (double shield) weapon, and competed with three others in his division (Youth Armed division).  At the end, he got Silver medal along with $1000 USD for this placement, and three other youths (two from Taiwan, one from Columbia)  got Bronze medal with $800 USD for their placement.  The NTDTV organization put together this type of competition every two years.  It will be in year 2021 for the next one.  Congratulation to Ethan Wong, and Stephanie Ly who had made to the Semi-Final of the competition, and Ian Ly for Silver medalist for global traditional martial arts competition.

If anyone want to watch the competition, below is the link.  If  the link can not open in your device for some reason, then open YouTube and search “2019 NTD International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition Finals”.  If you only would like to watch Ian’s perform, then move the timer at the bottom of the screen until it shows the time 1:23:13  at the bottom left corner.

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