2012 Baltimore USA International Tournament

Six members of our school competed at the New Tang Dynasty Television’s 3rd International Martial Arts Competition in Baltimore, MD, USA on July 28 and 29, 2012. After months of intensive training in several weapons forms, and competing against other traditional Chinese martial artists of various styles from around the world, our students and instructors earned a total of nine medals: 4 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze.

Children’s Group

  • Ian Ly (Novice 3): Gold medal – “Youth 12 and under other weapons category”
  • Ian Ly (Novice 3): Silver medal – “Youth Advance 12 and under long/short weapons category”
  • Molly Park (Novice 3): Gold medal – “Youth beginner short weapons category”
  • Eric Park (Novice 3): Silver medal – “Youth beginner short weapons category”
  • Molly & Eric (Novice 3): 4th place medals – “Youth two-man set fighting category”

Adult Group

  • Luc Charlebois (Gau Lien/Instructor): Gold medal – “Men’s advanced short weapons category”
  • Jason Webber (Gau Lien/Instructor): Silver medal – “Men’s advanced short weapons category”
  • Phuong Ly (Si-Mo): Gold medal – “Women’s intermediate long weapons category”

Congratulations to all of our competitors and keep up the great work!


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