In August 8 – 13, 2018, eight youth members of our school participated in the “2nd International Youth Martial Arts Camp” at Chungju, Korea.

These members were:

  1. Ian Ly
  2. Stephanie Ly
  3. Carmen Pan
  4. Aquella Muhammad
  5. Ethan Au Wong
  6. Zoltan Biro
  7. Justin Ly
  8. Andrew Nguyen

Our team was honored to be selected by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to represent Canada for this event.

The organization is the International Centre of Martial Arts (ICM) for Youth Development and Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO.  ICM is the first and only category 2 centre that specializes in promotion of martial arts from around the world.  They aim to contribute to youth development and engagement with its philosophy and values, positive attitudes, and the personal development characteristic it engenders and ultimately, aim for cultivation of a culture of peace and reconciliation.

Special thanks to Mr. Kim Si Hyun (Secretary General of the ICM), and his team members Mr. Lee Keun Euk (Chief, International Cooperation Team) who had visited our school in May 2018; and Mr. Choi Won (Chief, Research and Development Team) who is in charge of programs and events during the camp.  Without them, this camp will not be successful, and the youth from foreign countries (Bulgaria, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Canada) along with youth in Korea had a great time.

During the camp, they learnt team building; showcased their martial art from their country; learned martial arts from different countries and styles; played water sports; visited University of Martial Arts to see martial arts demos; site seeing Light World park, Korea ancient Folks village, Martial Art Museum, Palace, and highest tower in Seoul.  Beside, everyone had also enjoyed the famous authentic dishes menu from Korea during the camp “Kim Chi”.

On behalf of the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre, I want to thanks all those who participated in the event.  You had made Canada proud by your demos at the opening ceremony, and also especially at the National group demo night.  You had made Canada team the best team over among other countries.  Keep up with your hard work!

Frank Ly
Shaolin Kung Fu Centre


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