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Gold Sash Grading Requirements

Grading for the following level must be done at the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre headquarters. Instructor/Master are required to teach 300 classes time OR have his/her own Kwoon in the Shaolin Centre Kung Fu Centre Federation. They must attend all meetings and participate in all the Federation events.

Grading Fees: $500 + HST

Grading Master level contains a theory test and the below technical test:
  • Seung Dao (Double Broadsword) weapon form
  • Ha Niem Tao hand form
  • Siu Lum Hah-Fu Gwan
  • Seung Chap (Double Daggers) weapon form
  • Gim (Straight Sword) weapon form
  • Sam Cheet Gwan (3 Sectional Staff) weapon form
  • Thoong Zhi Pai Kwoon Yam hand form
  • Kwan Dao weapon form
  • Wu Dip Seung Dao (Butterfly swords) weapon form
  • Jam Ma Dao (Horse Cutter) weapon form
  • Nan Dao (Southern Sword) weapon form
  • Siu Lum Mui-Fa Dao weapon form
  • Dai Pa (Tiger Fork) weapon form
  • Sam Chang hand form
  • Yin Chi Pai¬†weapon form
  • Ying Cheung (spear) weapon form
  • Mui Fa Kuen hand form
  • Name the curriculum requirements from Entry level to Advance level 6
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