Overseas Trip to Vietnam and Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Shaolin Kung Fu Centre put together an overseas tour for everyone this Summer to visit and train at the sub-branches of our school in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam,  4 days travel to East coast (Hoi An city, Da Nang, etc…), and 4 days travel to West coast (Ha Tien, Rach Gia, etc.), and 4 days travel to Cambodia (Angkor Wat temple, Phnom Penh, etc..).


The travel date will be on August 4th, 2014 to August 22nd, 2014.  The travel package will be $3300.  Which includes plane ticket, hotel, and transportation while overseas.  Everyone will need to do your traveler shots, and multi entry visa for VietNam.  Everyone need to pay your expenses for foods (about $300) while in Ho Chi Minh City and not travel on a side tour.  Don’t miss this opportunity to explore your site seeing with Sifu Ly because he will brings you to places where normal tourist might not have the opportunity to go in Ho Chi Minh City.  The event will only available perhap once in every five years.   Registration is now on until May 17th, 2014.  Because it is a group travel, we need to get the plane ticket book early, else there may not be enough seats for the group to travel together and also booking with travel agents in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Please feel free to email or see Sifu at class if you have any question(s).

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