Double Butterfly Swords (Aluminum)


This set of Butterfly swords were custom-made for Shaolin Kung Fu Centre, and is constructed with aluminum.  (sometimes called "airplane grade aluminum") excel in performances because of their extreme light weight.  Since they are lighter compare to steel, they are far easier for smaller people to use.  With rosewood for the handle, aluminum for hand guard, and fitting, this is a one-of-a-kind weapon.  Highly recommend weapon for competition or demo.


Few weapons are better identified with the Southern Stylist than the Butterfly Swords. Due to their short length, monks were allowed to carry them for their defensive nature. Broad and thin, they are capable of being flipped to hide from an enemy, and have all the trademarks of short but quick techniques. A curved hand guard continues to become an angled weapon trap.


Blade: 11.38"
Handle: 4.5"
Overall: 16"

Come with a sword bag


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