This spear is custom-made for Shaolin Kung Fu Centre.  The Stainless steel traditional kung fu spear is available in variety of overall length (can request for custom cut length for rattan). This spear is used in traditional internal and external kung fu training for demonstration and competition.




Spear Head: This spear head is unsharpened edges. Includes a large red tassel.  For these custom spears, the heads are re-shaped to make them much stronger.

Shaft: Flexible rattan is used for this spear’s shaft. It is a fair weight for traditional training. The rattan is hand-selected to be as straight as possible. Diameter of the shaft is quite thick. Overall length of the spear, including shaft and head, is approximately 84″ to  94″.  The spear can be shortened at the customer’s discretion by sawing off the unwanted length.


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