Our Philosophy

Kung fu directly translated means “work”.
But to a true martial artist or warrior in ancient times, these two simple words had greater meaning.

Kung fu directly translated means “work”.

But to a true martial artist or warrior in ancient times, these two simple words had greater meaning.

Often, individuals had to give up everything in the material world, such as family and friends, to devote their entire lives to training without any distractions or barriers.  Training Kung fu’s physical techniques promotes health,  prevents sickness, and defend the body from harm, such as from a physical attack by someone.
Training Qigong's mindfulness breathing techniques help control one's calmness in order to better focus.  Once internal peace and enhanced focus are achieved, the practitioner can see clearly the changes they need to make to their lives, which allows them to commit to a certain set of lifestyle goals that will facilitate their advancement to a higher spiritual level.
Together, the external kung fu training, and the internal qiqong training, help us understand who we are.  It is with this that a person is able to go back and review several of their past lives. I called it “The Library Of Our Knowledge From Past Lives”, which has been accumulated with each re-incarnations throughout the centuries. Reviewing our library helps us to understand the purpose of our life, and what is left to learn in our current life, in order to enhance our soul to a higher level. At the same time, it also aids us to be able to help others so that the world can be a better place, and everyone in it can have a meaningful life.
Below, two fundamentals explained:   (1) The illusions and wrong understandings we often have in this dimension.  (2) Traditional Training Path.

Some martial artists dedicate their whole life to martial arts

There are many people who have gone through and are still going through this path, such as Shaolin martial monks, our Great Grand Master Lam Minh Hao, myself Grand Master Minh-Hung Frank Ly, and many other Masters from various styles of kung fu.  I hope my disciples and students can do the same and succeed.

Part (1) The Illusions And Wrong Understandings We Often Have In This Dimension

In ancient  literature,  it has been written that within the short lifespan of an impermanent person, even if someone is lucky enough to be placed in a wealthy and healthy life setting, so that they have lots of time that can be devoted to themselves, they will rarely be able to figure out their life's mission or what path to follow to accomplish their life's mission.  After a lifetime of ups and downs, most of us are left with the questions of:   
- Who are we?  
-Where did we come from?
-What will be the mission of this lifetime?
-Where are we heading next?  
-Is there an eternal realm of life?  How can we reach it?  
-How can we find the answers to all these questions?,  and
-Can we train to awaken our soul to have a greater awareness so that we find and understand the answers?

In Buddhist teachings of the cosmic world, the cycle of birth and death occurs on three planes/realms of existence:  Realms of Desire, Realms of Form, Realms of Formless.  Most people in the world live in the Realms of Desire, and therefore, experience the world as a reverse reality, opposite to the state of the universe.  It can also be said that in this dimension, we live in illusion, filled with wrong views.  If we observe our lives carefully, we will find that all the problems we have. all the suffering that happens to us, all of this has it basis in wrong views and illusions. Below are a few examples of  illusions in this dimension that cause suffering for most of us during our lifetime:

Physical Body

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Birth and Death

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Family Members Or Relatives

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Gain and Loss

Please read more about this topic in the "Spiritual Growth and Kung Fu Virtue" sub menu tag in the "WHO WE ARE" menu

Part (2)Traditional Training Path

The training path is divided into three levels
Training the body, mind, and spirit in order to form a complete human being.


We first train the body by using various martial arts techniques using empty hands or weapons.


Then we condition our minds through deep concentration and breathing techniques known as Qi Qong.


Lastly at the highest level, the spiritual, we develop an immortal fetus, which is done in two stages.

Benefits Of Training The Body

Training the body gives us maximum strength, flexibility of muscles, joints, and tendons to promote health.

It also builds and stores vital energy (Qi, or Chi) in the body, keeping it in good condition while on the material plane.

In addition, self-defense skills are acquired through practicing the 108 techniques and 12 Tai Siu Niem Tao (circular hand blocking techniques).

Benefits Of Training The Mind

Through the basic steps of counting during the breathing techniques, we train our minds to filter out all daily thoughts which jump from place to place, which we call the “monkey mind”.

Once participants can filter out all thoughts while practicing the breathing techniques, our Master will teach them how to open up their acupuncture channels with the strong focus mindset.

After all the channels in our bodies are opened Qi (life force energy in the body) flows strongly throughout, which we are able to use at the spiritual level to build up a stronger awareness for the next level.

Benefits Of Training The Spirit

One may compare the physical condition of the body to a launching complex, essential to propelling a shuttle into space. To boost the shuttle (the spirit) into space, the launching complex requires a booster rocket (the soul or body energy), which is guided by an inner compass and a computer (the pineal gland).

The launching complex, or physical body developed with the practice of Qi Qong, becomes a storage place for the required fuel, or Qi (the life force energy). Here our fuel awaits transformation into another kind of energy: spiritual energy.

We learn how to develop an immortal spirit (compass and computer) by opening the pineal gland, which will guide us back to Earth. To complete the unfinished job of development, we must maintain our foundation on the Earth. Thus, we are able to return to Earth, refuel, and resume our space travel to our destination until eventually, we can discard the earthly base entirely.
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