Instructor Jay Webber

With 4000 years of fighting wisdom, Shaolin Kung Fu Centre’s tiger style is a complete martial arts system that promotes traditional values and encourages a healthy lifestyle


Jay Webber

Jay is currently a Level II instructor at the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre. He was always interested in learning authentic, traditional Shaolin kung fu (Chinese martial art), but there were no opportunities to do so in Northern Ontario, where he grew up.
Once he moved to Ottawa to pursue a post-secondary education, he sought to learn the art. He registered at the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre in the Fall of 2002, and has been training with Grand Master Ly since.
Very early in his training, Jay was invited to join the demo team and throughout the years has displayed the school’s techniques in a number of demonstrations across Ottawa.

Awarded the silver medal in Baltimore, Maryland

He has also competed in international martial art tournaments, first in New York City and then in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was awarded the silver medal in the southern short range weapons category.
Jay has been coaching for a number of years. In 2008, he and Master Zhi Yong were responsible for teaching all classes and entrusted with the general operations of the Shaolin Kung Fu Centre, when Grand Master Ly and other senior students traveled to Vietnam for a month of training.

As a Level II instructor, Jay is passionate about the art.

he is driven to learn every detail and application of each technique and form, so he can help his kung fu brothers and sisters advance in their training.
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