Traditional Training

With 4000 years of fighting wisdom, Shaolin Kung Fu Centre’s tiger style is a complete martial arts system that promotes traditional values and encourages a healthy lifestyle

Stances and Drills Establishes Foundation

Foundation training requires hard work and dedication. Great martial artists continuously drill the basics so all their movements have maximum power and fluidity.

Disciples in the old days first began by learning the basic horse stance (Say-Ping Ma) for a period of three months. This builds good leg muscle strength, similar to the strong roots of a tree, making it very difficult to be pushed over.

After three months, they then started to practice side to side punching drills and kicking drills. Each drill was repeated over 100 times. This helped students increase their power when they performed striking techniques in the future.

The third procedure was to practice stepping techniques, which helped students escape attacks, or quickly move in closer to the opponent to counter a strike.

The next procedure was the conditioning training. Conditioning helped a student’s entire body withstand heavy impact. Conditioning training must be done slowly, gradually increasing impact over at least a year or two.

That way, the body can absorb a blow, or strengthen the arms and shins so they are like steel. At the same time, students worked on timing, judging distance, and accuracy.
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Hand Forms, Weapons Forms, and Set Fighting

Hand forms training help students to enhance endurance, and cardio. They also help students to review all the drills or techniques of the entire system.

Weapons form add on top of the hand form the knowledge of each characteristic of the function of the weapon, and teach the students how to effectively use the weapon on their hands to extend it longer but still follow the systems’ principle techniques.

Finally, set fighting teach students the flow of the way of the hand or kick or weapon drills link from one to another whether for attack or blocks or counter attack combination.

Meditation - Qi Qong Training

After training, students need to do Qi Qong. The Qi Qong breathing techniques will help students to cool down internal organs and avoid over heat.

Students who only train in kung fu without training Qi Qong will tend to get upset and loose temple easily, this is due to imbalance of Yin Yang.

Our breathing techniques had helped a lot of students to stay calm and manage stresses from their daily activities.
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