Why Choose Shaolin Kung Fu Training over Other Forms of Exercise

More and more people are looking to lose weight, improve their health and enhance their appearance. Shaolin Kung Fu training, often overlooked by people who are concerned with fitness can be a better choice for getting in shape than traditional exercise classes.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a complete body workout that includes strength training and cardiovascular fitness, increases flexibility, agility, balance, and self-confidence, and provides effective self-defense training.

Strength Training

Improve both your upper and lower body strength with Shaolin Kung Fu. Much of the power in the kicking and punching techniques is generated from your core, so developing the abs, back, and chest are vital. You can also gain a level of strength and fitness that is hard to achieve in other classes.

Kicking, punching, stance training, throwing and other martial arts movements are all exercises that involve almost every muscle in your body. Besides the actual muscles involved in, for example, a punch, you also use the rest of your body for stabilization, power generation and recoil.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Get an almost non-stop cardio workout with Shaolin kung fu. A typical class is a total body interval training session, with periods of movements that require less effort followed by intense bursts of energy. Many experts agree that interval training is an effective method of burning fat and improving conditioning.


Combine fitness with learning valuable skills to help you defend yourself should a dangerous situation ever arise.

Other Benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu Training

Flexibility and Agility

Retain a youthful look through poise, improved carriage and fluid movements which are attained with a flexible spine and an agile body.


Learn to combine the physical balance of training in Shaolin kung fu which works every muscle of your body, along with our Yin/Yang diet method which facilitates good health from the inside out.


Achieve inner strength knowing you look and feel your best and can protect yourself when needed.
Camaraderie – form friendships that could last a lifetime.

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